Mental Reflections

Mental Reflections

If you didn’t know it already, V2K GangStalkers are known for using the technique of storytelling. Usually this will involve strangers striking up a conversation to tell you a rearranged story, that unknowing to you has happened to one of your family members or friends. So I too, enjoy the use of storytelling to tell you how they operate, but unlike them, I stay true to the story’s actual situation and settings. Now if you’ve been reading a post or two, you’ve probably ran into ridiculously convoluted quibs. Most really did happen.

You see, I’ve been in various situations where I am able to sit and observe a small portion of a GangStalking “Operation”. I even find myself amused when I should NOT be. So I’m continuously amazed at myself how my face can manage to even stay straight. It will always stay neutral in Kind. Which means you will never see how I feel and what I think to those around. GangStalkers are trained to appear and to be attitudinal, dismissive or just plain negative during all times or on a sudden whim. And that’s how you will know it’s them and will never know I’m the observer.

Although you’re not dealing with World Scholars, you can’t get any sicker than sick or any deader than dead. To be Vague you don’t have to be intelligent to Kill you just need to create the right set of circumstances and a client. This is how GangStalkers operate. What they do is not free and how and why do you think they go to such great lengths to do what they do? For their health? Money dries up, TI’s Problems go away.

Speaking of TI’s… Some might think that this blog has a tendency to loop to nowhere. I’m leaving out the specifics that you need to know to solve your problem and to get some relief. You’re probably full of questions such as; How do I stop being GangStalked? Why are they doing this? How are they connecting to me? Why do they have to do stupid stuff like they do? Why do they talk and talk? Why do they conversate in a convoluted way? Who do they work for? What type of Technologies are they using? Why are they angry? Why do they want to hurt me?

To get into the mind of the NarcStalkers you have to get into their day to day of how they operate. When you do you will see how they think. How they think is your hatchet. Believe me, they are using how you think against you but it’s a Nut’s view. Everyone isn’t privy to their various angles of targeting. Some only see it at work, others only when they are at home. A few when they get into relationships. Do you know there are so many who are affected but don’t know it! My job to the best of my ability is to let you see which part of the story you are in and to recognize it.

I want you to ride with me as I share what I know. Get out the car… walk with me and together learn enough to send these Cons To the Can.