How Does GangStalking Work?

How Does GangStalking Work?

Gangstalkers/NarcStalkers are people who are put together in a crew. They work together, go to school together, live in a neighborhood together but in that situation can exist in other crews while providing backup for existing crews in their neighborhoods or businesses. This is to provide protection in case someone catches on and tries to move in to investigate. Since there are no uniforms they can identify their units in various ways. This could be haircuts or hairstyles, style of dress or identifying marks like tattoos or a combination of Looks, Features and Body types within a crew. The most interesting thing is that, in some crews, their leader is the one they must look like. Think Robert Palmer in the video. But this isn’t always the case everywhere so it varies. So let’s briefly break down the word for easy memory.

THE GANG- They work together

THE STALK- Assigned to follow you out to various places

THE NARC– Their training is behavior based and is based on Narcissism. Their approach, style of speech, how they act is that of a Narcissist.



  • Drive by your house shouting
  • Jam your car in on the road
  • Up your ass tailgating or side by side driving
  • Parking Lot Arguments
  • Fender Benders


Say you go into a cupcake shop. Could be ran by NarcStalkers and they might know who you are because despite the target, all GangStalkers are told who all the targets are AND some targets are more important than others. Anyway You can encounter them in places of business like retail or restaurants which they can directly own or infiltrate. When you see or hear how certain departments of people are negative or no one but certain people can stand to work there, could be a clue to a NarcOps presence. GangStalkers also like to knowingly hire targets to harass and spiral them even more. I’m guessing the job doesn’t pay you market rate and it’s something that will be eliminated or closing down soon. This is a common Narc technique and one of the many day to day ways of encountering their current or potential victims.


Communication Block- Inability to contact family or friends that aren’t in your sphere locally to talk to. You are also blocked from work opportunities if you’re emailing resumes or someone you met is trying to connect to you. Basic Man in the Middle Attack. The exception is voice cloning. Not only do they have the ability to block and intercept your VOIP or Standard Phone Network calls, they can create a master slave situation answer your calls in your voice and vice versa. So if you’re familiar with how MITM operates or have been a victim of it, then you know that weird vibe that something isn’t quite right or that long lost friend sounds funny. Communication Blocks are used to obtain information of course, while doing financial or social damage. It’s also a set up for future damage especially if you were never made aware.

In doing so GangStalking turns into cyber stalking which is actually more crippling because people are more and more dependent on technology to do business on the internet, which is far more devastating than some fat chick tailgating or some angry midget yelling.

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