Talk House

Discover Location V2K! To TI’s (Targeted Individuals) who have long been in it’s grips, this is where the magic happens. The simplicity of the title speaks for itself. It’s a house or building where a group of people assemble to neurologically connect to an individual or a parameter broadcast i.e. people in a shopping center to talk to them. If you’re a victim it’s probably in a neighborhood nearby if not your own.

Inside this house are talkers known as Operators. A Talk house operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and also serves as a hang your hat for broadcast drivers (people who drive around carrying the signal of the talkers. Think of it as pirate radio) and for the GangStalkers who follow their targets around. When a target is in an area nearby, a stalker is dispatched. When they complete their task, they head back to the house to either talk or to finish their shift of criminal activities.

Talk Houses operate like branches but more like nodes and are placed in as many neighborhoods as possible. This is how they are able to quickly keep up with their targets when they twirl around doing their day to day. When a target gets near a Talk House They are announced. Note:People who work at Talk Houses have a tendency to live close by or work near one.

More detail will be covered in a video but what they do will be covered under V2K. I just wanted to briefly share with you what a talk house or broadcast building is, to give you a better idea where they enjoy connecting to individuals from.