Once In the Car

Once In The Car

Once the perpetrator gets you in that car, no matter what they promise or what they ask you to do..You will never come back home. Promises will never be kept and the suggestion of any act that seemingly will meet the perpetrator’s needs will never really be accepted or reciprocated. The goal is for you to NOT to return home.

You recognize them. You know their voice. You’re able to explain their ways, oddities or point out at least somewhat to where they might be located. The reason why you’ll never come back home. They will agitate you or calm you on hope. There is none.
To simply say I snatched you to phase you to expiration, will serve cold. That break from reality, that the very act to say so is too much for the perpetrator, knowing full well what the break is. “Protection of the mind.”

This is the mind of the NarcStalker, this is the mind of any criminal or Psychopath that is willing to do what it takes to take their victim home. Home is death. Some are hands on. Some proxy themselves with technology. They feel if they are not physically there, Whatever conditions that befell the victim is virtually unreal. But folks don’t pay for unreal and fake conditions, because the money has to be real.

All those unrelated crimes out there? Some are related. Those funny V2K (voice to skull) GangStalking/NarcStalking aren’t just amusing imaginations of the chemically unbalanced. There are folks out there who will pay to run scenarios. There are folks out there desperate to be a part of something or to make money to help them do so. If that means your mental status and authority response after a breakin, they will follow the process and attempt a psychological write up. Bullying light or extreme. The same thing.

The Victim is a product of an never ending attempt to explain. Whether Medical, Social, or Psychological, the money is too good. This is why you’ll never get out of the car. This is why they will never let you go. This is why no matter what they tell you, unless you are able to get out of that situation in a precalculated percentage that has a very low probability rate. They will take you home. Home is death. Because prison can’t be an option for them. That’s for the target.

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