Angry Gripe

NarcStalkers extend their operation by having connections and employees of folks who either don’t exist or whom are unaware of their employment. They love using the phrase. “Working with Me” “Work for Us” “Trying To Get On” “Helping Them” or “Working Together”. It’s like the fact if you are aware of how they operate and you’re in “the situation” they spend most of their time trying to convince whomever, that the Target is onboard for something they are definitely not aware of or participating in.

The most amusing thing about NarcStalkers and their NarcOps, they are the cheapest of MF’s when it comes to paying anybody especially their own folks! Why? Because where else can a criminal find a group of people with a Psycho Sociopathic mindset who are two steps from killing folks for a Happy Meal. So pay ain’t what they’re looking for. It’s the ability to do the negative things that this type of criminal organization offers. It’s like a mob associate getting paid minimum wage to do the work THEY DO! and you know the mob don’t pay minimum wage! And You Know they ain’t gonna get in those type of situations for a buck-fifty unless they crazy!

Ugh! This is one of my many gripes that they do to sound important. The only thing important I wish I could hear, is the billing rate they pay their team of attorneys if they had any! Can’t be a cheap ass on that one AND those attorneys have to be REAL! Unlike some of the ones they have sittin on a few city government fronts.

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