Your health is the MOST single important thing you should be monitoring when in any harassment situation. Believe it or not, it could be the reason why you’re in a situation. If you’re financially able, make an appointment with a health care provider in a different state AFTER you arrive. Make sure it isn’t a border state. Get a comprehensive exam. A MRI if you can. Get a copy of your results and your imaging. If you have a physician in the family that is a blood relative or who you absolutely trust by all means use them.

I would advise you if you’re not in shape… now is the time to get in shape. If you’re overweight… now is the time to loose the weight. In shape means increasing your stamina, building muscle and increasing the oxygen in your day to day. IF you are having a problem losing weight which I will cover more on in post, increase your vitamin and mineral intake and become aggressive in maintaining those levels throughout the day. You will loose the weight. If it’s not fat, the main problem we’re still working through discovering is the water weight that is hard to remove. If you are a TI, the excess fluid is to protect your organs from getting burned from all the pulsing.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Remember to stay strong and to keep healthy.