Definition of a Snitch. A Snitch Defined.

Definition of a Snitch. A Snitch Defined

A Narc Snitch is a man/woman whose main goal in life is to tell yo’ business. Any business. From the Stump on your toe, bump on your neck, new car and what day they saw you at the hospital, to your change of political party affiliation. This type of Snitch is not the definition that most people are use to. That is, the type of law enforcement informant that is dedicated to helping with crime and shit loaded with the information that leads to the prosecution or prevention of it. Nah. This is a dark marketing snitch AKA GangStalker that at times for some might be billed as a local or state informant.

The Problem with these type of Snitches? They just can’t be I was around snitches. That’s too vague to write down for the person they’re giving the information to. They have to be I know you snitches. Usually in the form of, Friend, Friend of Friend, Family Member, Family member of Family member, Romantic Relationship, Potential Romantic Relationship in early stages, neighborhood associate hangout i.e. I was over their house, Job associate..associate of job associate. I work at where they get their hair done. The problem with these types of snitches using the latter examples are usually as follows:

FRIEND-You’re not their friend, but they had someone watch them walk up to you to talk to you to verify they saw them.

ROMANTIC-You’re not in a romantic relationship or potential one. You have to see or know them for that to happen.

NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATES- You might not know everyone in the neighborhood or like them. Snitches don’t always or usually have to live in the neighborhood, just hangout with people who do. Problem is… you don’t hangout or know the people they do know!

JOB ASSOCIATE– All they have to do, is verify they work/ed there. But how long, and why are you so close to them?

FAMILY MEMBER– Problem is everyone don’t have family members in town, and you have to be the type of snitch who is the type to hang around them. Unless you’re the chick below.

GRANDMA– The favorite source of Snitch supply. Grandma tells everybody’s business! It really doesn’t matter who it is. Odd that she attracts so many of them. Imagine where they have to be to always be up in the know with her.

BARBER/HAIRDRESSER– This tie in is always an odd one. Most people like to tell their business every 30-50 days. This is based on people who talk a lot..tellin all their bizness to their hair care provider. Come on most don’t. You know why? See below:

BARBERSHOP/SALON CUSTOMER– This is part of the professional snitch set that show up to listen in and find something to snitch on. The problem with some of these snitches, some don’t even have to get a service! Just be friend of barber/hairdresser to just set there talk and watch. You probably figured out they might be working in conjunction with the barber or Hairdresser. Come on now! They workin! They have to at times split that check with the customer snitch as a verifier.

Now as an informant for whomever.. these people don’t have to prove they know you and are you going to be told who they are? I don’t know, I’m no expert. The fact that any of this makes sense to you makes me suspect to your life situations.