Streets of snitches are never streets of gold or green, just plighted communities that are cheap to operate in because of cheap housing and fake snitch residents who aren’t really the true owners of the home, despite what the deed says.

Their job is to either make new targets or connect to existing ones, who unfortunately are residents unaware that their neighborhood is a street full of GangStalking Snitches.

Snitches Know Everybody

This is a street or neighborhood full of set up houses. Houses where people look like they’re living and raising their families but mainly exist to serve as a professional snitch. They really live elsewhere. This “setup” serves as a protection because when people move into their neighborhood they don’t know, they know they aren’t working for the same “Snitch Agency”.

No matter who moves into the neighborhood they will amazingly always “know” that person. When a target moves in (THAT’S YOU) there will always be someone too cozy always trying to get up on you. That’s usually the closest Snitch. Someone who’s trying to quickly get yall’s “relationship” started so they can start Snitching. Always in your yard, at yo’ door and spend most of their time trying to get into yo’ house. Yeah it’s that Snitch.

Life in SnitchLand

You see anything goes in SnitchLand. Loud Music, Barrage of late night car traffic to whomever’s house. Nobody ever complains because that’s their friend. No matter how many cop cars parade up and down the street to someone’s home, that’s just a Snitch looking like they’re doing their job. Usually they will point to the target (THAT’S YOU) as the source of neighborhood trouble, while at the same time sending their kids to play on the dangerous target’s property. Don’t worry, these kids are roaming snitches. They don’t live in the neighborhood either!

Snitch Teams

SnitchLanders aren’t really a strange crew they are a team. When someone breaks into a target’s home or slams a window, they must always have another snitch present watching them either from their porch or some other position to serve as a look out while watching them to verify that they did indeed complete their task. Now the Snitch will never tell you who did it and they will never call the police But they will always wave, while obtaining a passive attitude because you never allow them to get up on you.

Dealing with Snitches in Your Neighborhood

I will always recommend to maintain a cordial and polite neighborly attitude if you live in SnitchLand. Snitches like to talk and you will gain more insight into their training.

That training part is the most important if you are a TI living in a neighborhood being harassed by your neighbor(s). The series of behaviors in SnitchLand are common traits possessed by most GangStalking neighborhood perpetrators who may or may not be working as full time Snitches. Meaning they just might be getting paid just to be fucking with you and no one else. (Where Snitching is ongoing no matter who) This can mean the lower the social economics of the neighborhood it can get real bad, because the street is overrun by em’ and they become more aggressive and obvious.

Snitch Infestations

The higher the social economics of the neighborhood, You will probably have a problem with that one neighbor, while their “support” if they have any others in the neighborhood act normal while trying to make the main perpetrator the only star and any break-ins just you. So in the latter case you’re not really living in SnitchLand which basically is a work campus. You’re just in a neighborhood with a slight infestation where most neighbors are “normal”.

Recognizing the Signs of SnitchLand

There are always gentle signs to go by if you’re not sure if you live in SnitchLand or not. Let’s see:

Barrage of Cars all hours of the night..Talking.. Music..Car lights but most of the neighbors are heavy sleepers and don’t care.

Neighbors watch people and even other neighbors break into other peoples houses but don’t want to call the police because they know that no one is going to break into theirs.

Neighbors who sit on the porch all night and every night but never see anything. When they realize something is happening like the police being called they quickly leave the house and comeback after the police leave.

No one seems to worry about teenagers during the school day lurking around the back of their home or yours.

It’s a wonderful neighborhood they feel safe and act like it! and will even say they sleep with their gun but will never go away for any length of time without having someone stay in their home.

Now you know.