Assigned Connected TI’s What’s The Difference?

Assigned vs Connected To Targeted Individuals

You’ve probably heard me mention how NarcStalkers are assigned or connected. I’m talking about the stalking part and how they engage with their targets. Not the physical electronic harassment, because either you’re already physically connected or they’re in the process of trying to connect you. So since that confusion is out the way, So what is the difference?

ASSIGNED: Narcs are assigned directly. They are told the location of the target, things about them and how they should act towards them.

CONNECTION: NarcStalkers like to think of themselves as NSA so they are stationed wherever in your community. So you might end up somewhere on a regular basis where they recognize you as an TI. So that’s considered a connection because you ended up in a location or with a Narc who is active but was not originally assigned to you.

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