The Narcissistic Logic

Enter The Narcissistic Mind of a GangStalker

The Narcissistic NarcStalker has a mind much like a Rubick’s Cube. It’s full of twists and turns to a pre-selected set of patterns known only to them. The first problem is when they can’t get it to turn how they see fit. The second, is when they fail to see why their form of manipulation doesn’t always work. Logic to a NarcStalker is fleeting. It is claimed it gives way to their form of “training”. To confuse and frustrate their targets with nonsense by jamming their brain with incoherent word salad conversations and actions.

In actuality the very people who are attracted to this type of work weren’t really that intelligent to begin with. Also the fact that their recruiters hide this fact within a standard ICD10 F60.81 Diagnosis. There lies the amusement. How they choose to communicate, operate their network, businesses, and hurt others is through a variety of symptomatic behaviors identified as such. They are driven by money with no foresight of long term consequences. Quite frankly to be a NarcStalker is to be simple. You don’t have to think, you have to believe that others can’t think, while you get them to the point they are unable to think.

In doing so their arrogance and sense of logic can be amusing. So I’ve dedicated this month of tweets to Narc Logic. It will never EVER make sense because it really doesn’t have to, because in the end you are the target and they are the ones getting paid and it is as simple as that.

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