Agent Follow

Agent Follow has a mindset much like the one they place upon their targets. Not that bright, got themselves into something, did something wrong but have no clue on what it is. Agent Follow has dreams of Supervisors with Alphabets for names and old men in the basement building gadgets and shit… but deep deep down know that THAT Starbucks will never be their reality. Reality is that they’re just thugs in play. So when the target feels the tail of the tail… that’s Agent Follow so far up their ass they have to take a dump…. That’s Agent Follow trying to hold on to their job. The Job is not just any JOB, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity depending on who’s lying to whom, if they are, is to serve. Certainly not for any known Government you would say. Criminals GangStalking citizens? And if that’s true, why would the Government select the most elite in simple and foolish instead of their best? Wait a minute.. I just had a thought why …………………………………………………………… OK Lets Continue. I mean the whole point is it not? Is that I’m not suppose to NOT know that I’m being followed?

The story as I know it from the general population end, is that the role of Agent Follow is usually given to the newly started and the powers that be pick out a target for them to follow around by car or foot. Sometimes it’s someone they know like a family member or a distant friend. They might not even know or recognize it’s a family member until later on down the road. The point of being a GangStalker is to insulate the target but the entire point is to insulate the GangStalker as well. GangStalking works well from within. It’s to breakdown any structure, organization, Government or People from within it’s environment. This is why they start some GS off with people they know or were around to follow.

You see Agent Follow is following you knowing there is nothing to look for. Now they might start off believing it’s about something, but in the end know it ain’t nothing really to report back other than where you went, what you got and what you did. Basically your day to day. This will go on forever because it’s a job. Now listen to this…. V2K GangStalking operates by electronically interfacing a connection with a person to gain their auditory and ocular signal. In essence you become their eyes and ears. Get this… Agent Follow is a dreamer and a psychological schemer but isn’t always the originator. Means they might have been recruited into the science to talk to YOU but don’t have full understanding how it all works. You see while they are following you, someone might be following you through them. Agent Follow is an easy connection the connector has easy access to at will. The target you have to breakin to, temporary fake friend to manipulate to a place to stay long enough to make a connection to their auditory and ocular.

This is why it’s sooo disturbing I mean all this time Agent Follow has their mind on running around town following people and all that time is the one being followed. But you can’t tell them that because they won’t believe it. It’s because they special. They were selected and they have the opportunity to do some fucking cool things that most will never be able to do. Yeah! but I didn’t know spending time in the CAN was like something one was willing to train for.