What’s The Difference Between GangStalker and V2K GangStalker?

Gangstalker refusing to See

You’ve probably have read me using these terms back and forth. Sometimes I say GangStalkers other times I say V2K GangStalkers. They both are really different meanings based on their job duties. So I’m going to breakdown the difference between the two, so for future tweet and post reference you will understand to why and which I’m referring.

V2K GangStalker– The operator that is behind the “Voices” that most Voice To Skull Victims are listening to.

GangStalker– The ones that usually are following you around, harassing you in one form or another or just standing around.

V2K GangStalkers really don’t like to follow people around they primarily want to stay inside, talk and watch everything you do while trying to manipulate your mindset or your health. Basically be The Push button guy.

Photo by Ethan Haddox Unsplash

Now some GangStalkers are V2K operators as well. The first set are the ones who are learning the follow me game before they move up to V2K. These types might continue to Stalk and V2K. The reason why some can’t do both is because of their say “discomfort” with looking at a Victim Target whom they have seen naked one hundred different ways and some. They can’t hold their face. They have a tendency to do the celebrity hide their face from the cameras when they see the Target. Ha! Since the Target is the camera. (Ocular Connection) or if they’re working near or with the Target, they will try to not be around as much as possible. This is soooo confusing because they’re the ones Following The Target around! So you can see how that could pose a problem in their “normal” front called life. That and their “Operation”.

Anyhow these people are Neurological Unstable and reading this makes absolutely no sense to someone who has in person witnessed the very things described. I mean if you’re going to watch someone in person then follow them around… get over the weirdness and be able to look at them! That’s the end of this ramble. You got the explanation. Now you know.

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