Neurologic Technology…The Cons and The Believers

Neurologic Technologies

Technology is wondrous. It has continued to allow us to do things once thought unimaginable, making our lives easier while it connects us to the world to reach places we would not ourselves in person been able to go. That’s the great thing about technology, it can be a good thing allowing persons who don’t necessary have the mind or understanding of the technical but are given easier tools and options to access it’s abilities. It can wow some even to the point of being scammed. I guess those two are the main problems I’m going to address. The access to technology with the ease, without the full understanding and those that don’t know enough to thoroughly understand. Not because they are ignorant, it’s because it’s possible, it’s believable that it is possible if not now but in the future.

This brings me to the topic of V2K or Voice To Skull. The technology of connecting to the brain and translating brainwaves into words and audible speech. Recording images from your ocular signals as well as talking to the person through an electronic interface. The technology has been around for decades but it’s true scam was it’s dream of being able to retrieve and record memories.

The research itself is about memory retrieval and to prevent one from retrieving <Alzheimers> but they haven’t got it to the point to connect to record from previous events from someone who they have never connected to. So for the select few over the decades who have been connected and recorded it’s only because they are continuously connected. < Like TV if your DVD ain’t set to record and nobody is watching or documenting then they don’t know nothing> As the project expanded and the money started to roll in they started expanding their territories. Small towns are easiest and the connections started to spread. So the ones they do convince they are social documenting and retrieving life’s memories are just the recorded memories through out the decades of the continuously connected. They might even convince those of an event that happened to them that they would not have known, supposedly seen through someone else but CLAIM not through them. If you never lived or grew up in any of their connection zones, they don’t know a damn thing about you or anyone else around you. They can’t retrieve any past memories even if they connect to you now. They can watch you and tell you what you are currently doing and if you do access a past thought associate that. That’s all.

As they continue to try to finance the dream through ignorant cheap labor<Gangstalkers, V2K Operators, Snitches> and a layer of research scams and contraptions, the world is barrelling out of control. School Shootings, Military Suicides, Opium Epidemic are just one of many of their show stoppers. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and that slice they discovered was influence. With influence you can get all kinds of financing..make all kinds of money and promise myriads of things. Through their research of creating Neurological…Physical disease states… Social Observations and their portfolio of the connected set aside to sell to whomever. The American Dream is for sale having been sold to those who wish to dismantle it and franchise what they call “Lack of Hope” To others.

All this because of a Scam making claim that one can read memories of people one has never met or ever been connected to. This lies the purpose of the GangStalker to make sure one doesn’t leave and isn’t financially or physically able to. If the target leaves depending on where they go might disconnect. Those GangStalker’s and associates living in the area they are leaving will be partially out of work and they will be cut off from recording their day to day as they attempt to influence their health for their financial purposes. Most are contractors and subcontractors<if you can call em that> and do not fully understand the technology but can operate it with ease after it’s setup by the privileged few. It is this wow of the technologically awed not the savvy or the most studious. The ones that you show them or teach them one thing awesome they feel they have an superior understanding that very few out there have and they will work hard to make sure that those out THERE will be unable to understand it and take their jobs away. Aye and that is better than working at the ChickenMac. Now you know.

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