The Story of Agent Steal

The Office of Procurement

Agent Steal will pilfer almost anything. Candy Bars, Jackets, Shoes, Documents, Your Identity and even a basket of Bibles. It doesn’t really matter as long as he takes something from you. The key to being a good Agent is doing what you’re told and this is why Agent Steal works for The Office of Procurement. This Office works primarily to frustrate, annoy, obtain for information… monetary resell or to create a sell. But mainly it’s to fuck witcha. Therein lies the appeal of The Office of Procurement and why like no other, this is Agent Steals’ greatest joy in life.

It takes a certain type of “personality” to work for this Office. Recruits can come from any age but mainly the newborns. From there who knows where you can go. Your career trajectory is limitless. This is how the Office grabs you and this is why they start so young. It’s the possibilities of the future for that and the lack of one for their targets.
It is for this reason, Agent Steal has to be crafty. This is the only Agent in this division where you can have never have seen him/her take anything, or to be around them to even pick up on who they might be. To be a GangStalker, this alone is a great feat because most of the other Agents outside this department find it very hard not to let you know it’s them.

The Office of Procurement benefits not only in monetary and in securing their Cons, but when it comes to this type of procurement it about securing the psychologies of their employees and the targets. So It’s not mainly about Candy, Jackets, Family documents etc. its about taking. You get them use to taking. You tell them what to take while telling them who to take it from. It becomes easy. And when Agent Steal gets flippantly use to taking things and not think nothing of it, then the next step is to participate in taking the Target’s life.
Because that’s how the Office sees it and that’s how they grow the young minds of their recruits until life to them is just things they’ve already taken. After a while
Life won’t even mean the actual meaning. The actual physicality of the target. To them Death is a paycheck and besides, if they’ve already taken everything from you, why are you still living anyway?

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