The Franchising of GangStalking

The Franchising of GangStalking

You’ve heard the stories, the target moves to another town to get away from the GangStalking, ending up only being followed and harassed again. If they were followed they probably moved to a nearby town or a very large one. You see GangStalking is a network of businesses and associates. In-fact one of the many ways they operate is through myriads of such in different locations throughout the world.


If you moved to a new location near by, more than likely one of the stalkers could have been already living there. Second they might work in a Network business and once they are alerted a TI is nearby, they are dispatched to follow you around, assess your home, neighbors, employees they might know that can help them out.

They probably found you through the usual ways.

Credit Card Headers

Change of Address

Employee References Current Employer Called an associate or Boss to verify

Talking to Friends and Family on the telephone

Marketing List


Drivers License

If you are a connected TI (Tortured Individual) or a monitored one, unfortunately they have your ocular and auditory signals. They can see and hear what you do and say. If you don’t move far enough you will stay connected. If you do move far enough it will disconnect. They will then use the standard tracking techniques listed above to locate you and to reconnect. That’s the real purpose of the network is to maintain that connection and the various monetary value you represent for them.


When Narc’s start a business it’s usually through financing from what we here at ConsUncovered refer to as ConHQ. They start hiring people from their existing crew or several from other ones and supposedly start learning the business of the front. They also take over existing fronts when those individuals age out or leave for other Cons. When they do, the new Narcs will take on the same first names or the same first and last names as the individuals they replace. That’s only if those Narcs have not previously worked in the town or nearby. Once their business is in operation, ConHQ will let the other’s in the network know they can do business with them. The individual members also start to circulate in several get to know Narc hangouts to introduce themselves.

Narc franchises operate as closed circuits. They do business with each other and circulate income and legitimacy that way.  We would say very rarely they are doing business with Non Narc Companies. Now they do, do business with legitimate businesses but if they do, they have a contact they have either hired when they were working there and has continued to do so or one that has infiltrated.


We’re going to briefly touch on the Infragard rumor. Because of the nature of the Narc, they need their businesses to offer legitimacy.  Their franchises offer two main things. Controlling the employment schemes to keep Targeted Individuals from working and controlling the general population by driving non network businesses out. You see membership for the FBI’s Infragard is obviously through application. If the Narc has started previously tapping on individuals who have applied and the FBI offers membership, they might figure out how the Narcs have been operating, they also get to see who’s involved. This is why when they go after you, they go after your friends and close business associates. They enjoy using this to claim we work with law enforcement amongst the many other convoluted lies and halfnuts. They take the information given to them by the FBI then use that association to keep up with their TI’s, which might be you.

So there you go, a slight window into the business and the franchising of Narcissistic criminals of GangStalking. Now you know.


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