The Franchising of GangStalking

You’ve probably heard the unsettling stories about targets trying to escape GangStalking, only to find themselves pursued and harassed in new locations. This persistent phenomenon might leave you wondering how these stalkers manage to track and follow their targets so effectively. The truth is, GangStalking operates as a network of businesses and associates, and one of their key strategies involves franchising their operations across different locations worldwide.


If you’ve relocated to a nearby town or a sizable city to escape, chances are that at least one of the stalkers was already living there. Additionally, some may work in network businesses, and once they are alerted that a Targeted Individual (TI) is nearby, they are dispatched to follow you around, assess your surroundings,neighbors, and identify employees or acquaintances who might assist them.

They often discover your new location through various means, including:

Credit Card Headers: Transactions or purchases made using your credit card can reveal your location.

Change of Address Records: Official records of your address change can tip them off.

Employee References: If they contact your current employer, colleagues, or associates, it can give away your location.

Communications: Talking to friends and family on the telephone can inadvertently disclose your whereabouts.

Marketing Lists: If your information is on marketing lists, they may obtain your new address.

Bank Records: Your bank records can indicate your new location.

Driver’s License: Updating your driver’s license can be a clue.

For TIs who are under constant surveillance, the situation becomes even more complex. Stalkers may have access to your Ocular and auditory signals, enabling them to observe and listen to your activities and conversations. If you don’t move a considerable distance, the connection remains intact. However, if you move far enough away, it may disrupt the connection. They will then resort to the standard tracking techniques listed above to locate you and reestablish and that connection and the various monetary value you represent for them, which is the primary purpose of their network.


When Narcissists (Narcs) start a business, they often secure financing from what we at ConsUncovered refer to as ConHQ. They recruit employees from their existing crew and network or even from other networks, learning the ropes of the legitimate business they front. In some cases, they take over existing fronts as the original individuals involved retire or move on to other criminal endeavors. In such cases, the new Narcs might adopt the same names or identities as their predecessors, maintaining a semblance of continuity.

Narc franchises operate as closed circuits, conducting business within their network and circulating income and legitimacy among themselves. While they occasionally engage with legitimate businesses, these interactions usually involve individuals they have hired or infiltrated previously.


Let’s touch briefly on the Infragard rumor. Narcs require their businesses to offer legitimacy, and their franchises serve two primary purposes: controlling employment opportunities to keep Targeted Individuals (TIs) jobless and driving non-network businesses out to maintain control over the general population.
The FBI’s Infragard membership is obviously granted through application, offers an avenue for legitimacy. Which is the appearance that they work in law enforcement. If the Narc has started previously tapping on individuals who have applied and the FBI offers membership, they might figure out how the Narcs have been operating, they also get to see who’s involved. This is why when they go after you, they go after your friends and close business associates.

This association with law enforcement amongst the many other convoluted lies and halfnuts enables them to take information given to them by the FBI then use that relationship and it’s appearances to keep up with their TI’s, which might be you.

So there you go, a slight glimpse into the operations and franchising strategies of Narcissistic criminals involved in GangStalking. Now you know.

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