Secret Societies! Freemasons Are Just Hangouts!

Look, I’m tired of hearing all the babble and crap about secret signs, Freemasons and other so called Secret Society clubs being some original haven for GangStalkers, when that wasn’t the purpose of the founding They have no meaning in regards to any TI’s (Targeted Individual) experience. When criminals are engaged in criminal activity they don’t like to hang out at places where anyone can walk through the door. They like organizations and clubs where you have to be recommended. They want to know something about you. In doing so they can control most of whom are joining, So their co-workers can look like friends, neighbors, family members etc who are. They need a reason to be together to talk and plan stuff. That’s all.

Now all these places aren’t stacked with GangStalker wackanuts and partial lobers. So yes your grandpa and Uncle Bubba are probably pretty normal folks who like wearing the hats and doing secret cookout stuff. When anyone is having a good time, GangStalkers will try to infest ANY!!!!!! organization to reach any or all of their targets. They will, if assigned, will join just to microwave Your Grandpa and Uncle Bubba if that’s the only way they can get to ’em. So to put that bit of paranoia aside, it’s really too late to worry about any of that even if they were.

Are GangStalkers members of Secret Societies, Freemasons? Yes! I know for a fact personally some are members. But None of these organizations original purpose is to GangStalk anyone. Organizations, jobs, clubs are vessels. GangStalkers are the equivalent to a demonic entity possessing inanimate objects, people and places. So if you know for a fact that THAT place in YOUR town is a haven for em. Fuck em! and go someplace else.

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