Group Homes Potential V2K Gang Stalking Lair

Group homes have long served as convenient locations for V2K (Voice-to-Skull) Narc Stalking Cons and their street assembly. Just consider that the state pays supposed “experts” in the field of social health to perform tasks strikingly similar to what V2K Narcs are known for.

What does this entail? Well, it involves:

  • 24-Hour Supervision: These so-called experts spend a full day at a house with patients.
  • Social Outings: They chauffeur patients to social events, whether as a group or individually.
  • Hiring Extra Help: Often, students or others in the health field are paid to perform similar tasks, even if they don’t have permanent positions at the group home.
  • State Payments: The state compensates them per patient, incentivizing their involvement.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the con HaySOOS? It’s actually quite straightforward, and you might have guessed it before this paragraph began.

The con involves establishing a group home and staffing it with V2K Stalkers who can conveniently coordinate their activities with a nearby talk house or, if the group home is sizable enough, use it as a talk house. Some patients at these group homes often appear to possess just enough independence to get around but not enough to live entirely on their own. The extent of their “problem” can vary, but that’s the heart of the con.

These individuals become part of the group home talk “crew.” While it’s not a complete con, you may still encounter actual patients with genuine issues, although they might be of a nature that isn’t readily discernible.

Periodically, a patient from the group home is allowed to venture out into town, doing the bidding of their “crew.” When their actions come under scrutiny, they frequently deflect blame onto the group home, saying, “Oh, they’re from the group home.” This allows them to evade legal consequences and return to the custody of the home.

What’s unique about group homes is that all patients enjoy a degree of freedom:

They can come and go as they please.
They can transfer to another group home if they wish.
They can leave the home and go elsewhere.

Access to the group home is restricted to employees, family members, and state representatives, who can enter at any time. Imagine getting paid to harass others, driving them towards mental or health instability, and hoping to manipulate them into your group home to secure more money.

That, my friends, is THE ultimate CON. Now you know.