Generational GangStalkers

Generational Gangstalkers

The reason why GangStalking is so easy to implement but hard to get your hands on, Find out more about it’s perpetrators or to even get people in the know to talk about it, is because a lot of people are dealing with Generational GangStalkers. These are kids of existing GangStalkers who are reared to be bully’s, training to become GangStalkers.  When the program was first started from the perspective of ConsUncovered, Adults were the primary methods of contact for most targets. Aggressiveness increased and targets became younger and younger Why?

Its Easy

They Won’t Notice

The younger ones can’t defend themselves against violent physical attacks

Not attuned to the manipulation game yet

Stalkers can be placed in positions of authority

Easy To Follow Around

It’s easier to manipulate the target’s behavior through engagement or like some call it “To Change their expectations of the world” Sadly for the Adult GangStalker as it became more lucrative they couldn’t be everywhere where the little kiddies were, so they had to start using their own kids or kids they obtained.


Generationals are looked upon as those that can provide easy access to the target. They’re around the same ages and school grade. They can be your classmate, neighbor, Summer Camp associate etc. And can be anywhere a child or teenager can be without drawing attention like an adult would. Adult GangStalkers usually hold positions as neighbor, teacher, parent etc. and beyond being in any position that can control a target, they can’t physically extend into personal spaces of young targets. This is where the adult fine tunes while adeptly defining the storyline and the experience designed for the target. So the Generationals become the tormentor, the rumor mongrols, the friend today enemy tomorrow. Their job is to be around you to do those things or to be around someone who is. It’s also to briefly get to know you somewhat to say stuff about you. They Watch who you hang out with and who your real friends are. Down the road if they loose connection with the target, they will attempt to find out where you are through your relationships.

When the Generational isn’t aggressive and is amicably passive in the targets personal space, this is when the Adult, mainly the parent will claim they know the target because they were briefly friendly with them. This will give them an entry to make claims about the target even though they don’t know them well or at all and is no longer in contact.


Generationals are Indoctrinated (see psychotic ) early on, on the inferiority and life expectations of the target. The TI is their study and as that TI grows, the child generational becomes increasingly more sadistic, cold and psychotic in mindset. Not due to any supposedly mental illness they might have been born, because of the mental illness characteristics they are trained in. You have to understand and it’s hard for normal people to. When I say reared. Their every moment, thought, belief, education is that about the Target. If they have or work in a business, they work in that business to connect with targets or to be able to be around them to control them. That is the way and the life and for Generationals a world without a target is a world they can’t feed their family and quite frankly a world they can’t imagine you the TI (Target) living in. Now you know.


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