GangStalker Cons are Illiterate

NarcStalking Cons are Illiterate

GangStalkers aren’t the kind of folks who think about New World Order, Government Conspiracies or CONs in general, unless they’re the poser that runs fake Twitter victim accounts opened up the same day. The ones that ride up and down the road, tailgating, following you around, harassing you at the job, are not the bright stars of the Milky Way. They are not people who will make the connection with what they are doing with the Internet GangStalking rumors. It’s like wow Mitch this looks like what we were hired to do. This is us. Ahm that ain’t the conversation. These people can’t even name 5 US Senators or 6 states unless they’re on mic talking to them or live in that location. These are the type of Cons that can’t make the connection between that shit they dumped in the drinking water and that very bad stomach ache they developed weeks later after they had lunch at Als Diner who outsources his Banana Pudding and Red Velvet from the someone in the next town where they dumped the shit in.

The head Cons aren’t interested in the spin. That’s the cover. They are more interested in keeping those poor saps that they pay to follow you around to believe it’s some type of GOV (Government) job. The dumb ones are the ones you need to get to, to open their eyes on what they’re really involved in. Remember they are trained on the attitudes of narcissism to hide behind the fact that they don’t know what THEY are doing nor understand the real reasons behind it. Sometimes to help yourself, you might have to help the dumb asses that’s fuckin witcha, who just aren’t able to comprehend.

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