GangStalking Cons & Corporate Espionage. Jacking Ideas While Disrupting For Profit

Brain with Lock

What do you do when you have the ability to monitor and access any idea in any form, concept, motion or creation? What do you do if you’re a Con into Corporate or Government Espionage? You follow it and you steal it.

Sadly, This is one HUGE MEGA side benefit of V2K NarcStalking. Some folks don’t like to get their hands too dirty, so they consider this an intellectual side benefit of being around intelligent people while beating them mentally the fuck down. If you can’t think it yourself, F1 with people who can and jack it. Now you know why one works so hard to keep some TI’s isolated and “disturbed” retardation ain’t it! That cognitive skill set is reserved for the dark marketers.

The market is talent. Dark Marketers are also in the business of Talent Finding. Finding that idea, claiming it for themselves or giving it to others to profit. It’s part of the life for the smart Narcs. So how do they do that? By using the standard GangStalking methods they were probably already using on the target anyway. Methods such as:

Ocular and Audio Signal Connection– The most well known.They gain access to these signals from various individuals around to be able to see and hear what they’re doing. That’s how they’re doing the following techniques below so well. If you think you have secure communications or monitored workplace think again.

Workplace Monitoring– What you do and what you know

Telephone Monitoring-Anything of interest you didn’t know you knew

Digital Communications-Email,Cell etc.

Fake Friends/Associates or Workplace Infiltrates– Get to know you briefly or gain access to job for employment vulnerabilities such as performance, employability AKA in position in which if requested, to make you lose your job or Simply directly knowing what you and others are doing.

If you heard me talk about Talk houses or Broadcast houses, which can be any building that can be built or rented out anywhere for communication and monitoring purposes. This ability to setup shop near any type of target are one of the many ways one acquires what they need. What’s that exactly? Mainly Distress, Argumentatives and Disruption. If your company or it’s employees start having problems, PROBLEMS and More Problems think about it! If you heard a part of your new tune you’ve been working on in your head on the radio in a few months or the dabbles of drawings and schematics appear as a product a few short years later? Think about it! All the folks involved suddenly had gotten a new neighbor, new friend, new employee concurrently? Absolutely Think about it!

 So stop thinking about the NarcStalking, GangStalking, Voice To Skull, Breakins and Depressionary behaviors as something for the schizoid or the phrenic.Those are just devices of the many money making avenues used for discreditment by the NarcStalkers. It could be you might have, own, know, work with or own something worth gaslighting for.

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