Letter to Becky

Letter to Becky

Becky ain’t the brightest girl. Maybe she’s your friend, co-worker or that girlfriend you hooked up with to be your all eyes..run around report back man. Maybe.. perhaps you’re Becky. My problem with you, is that you think the world is Looney Tunes on Reset. Roadrunner gets run down and he gets backup and it starts all over again. Life to you is as such. Death is never any real occurrence, for you never having experienced it, never having to acknowledge your complicity in the death of others.

When confronted with your own negative criminalities and hands on fun, you started early soaking in the misery of others. It makes you uneasy, agitated, angry at the possibility of conviction. As if the idea is so unreal you will choose the path that will keep you from that place by continuing down the very same path that got you there.

  • You ask no questions
  • Your ability to think long term is shredded
  • Your belief that negatives for pay is possible if belief is backed by “legalities and pretend agencies and such”
  • Your Cyber Tech Science abilities isn’t something to hide, why wouldn’t you want to talk about it?

Becky STOP! Go Home! Get Out of other people’s homes and if you scared? Report it to the AG.

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