Good People Who Hang Around Negative NarcStalkers are Negative

Good People Who Hang Around Negative People are Negative

Association Cons are known to be notoriously easy. At least that’s what I say.
Association as in associating traits with one with an expectation for the other. In this case, good people who hang around Negative NarcStalkers. When I start why is this person hanging around with this dipshit? I’ve answered my next question. You see if you’re a negatate and a obvious one, people won’t instantly attract to you. People as in the people you want to attract. Negative people aren’t really interested in negative people as a real source for monetary and opportunity. They are interested in good people. The ones that see the dipshit and walk the other way. So they need someone. Someone that the positive person will in the beginning, think is a normal positive person and might think that for months, to draw the person into the connective web of the dipshit, the positive person’s friend or associate.

After a while if you look out for it, the positive person’s facade will slightly start to crack. They’re just as much as a turdball but they can hold their stink a little longer. But you smelled it already. You smelled it when they started bringing you around the dipshit. You were wondering after a while why they didn’t smell the dipshit themselves? They’ve known them forever or a long time. Now another NarcCon is that the “positive” person uses the obvious dipshit as their connector. Basically they’re fucking with ya through the dipshit. So it’s like an expectation not a shock. Which is why they do it through the dipshit. If you’re at the workplace this is the most obvious choice to A ass control solution. Continue to smell good and have people think well of you, while continuously subverting others keeping that uplifting back pack.

So when you do see an ass with someone who is not. Drop em both and you’ll stay Con Free!

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