Work Psychologics How To Tell if GangStalkers Are Working Amongst You

Targeted Individuals or TI’s seem to have some shared problem of similarities at the workplace. If you don’t and are one BE GRATEFUL! Here are some Behaviour clues to be on the lookout that might indicate your coworkers might be Gangstalkers or Roleplayers. What really makes it scary is because in most cases one is new to the job. So when the following start happening to you. Take notice!

THE HIVE Everything you say is shared.

THE COVEN There’s a meeting that occurred but it wasn’t at work and no one went out to lunch together but everyone seems to know something except for you.

THE OUT OF TOWNERS They all seem to know each other but aren’t from the same town or have never worked together or met.

OUT THE LOOP Someone other than you, seems not to know whatever it is that is going on when the others do. Then they are suddenly aware and participate.

THE KNOCK ON They pick on someone in the group to openly talk about or knock on but yet this person is always angry at you and is always a team player.

THE MIRROR- Maybe you’re too sensitive but this is when you think they are mirroring a past behavior of yours or attempting to reenact an previous incident.

THE PSYCHICS They seem to know something you like and mention it.

When you start seeing these signs and other things are happening to you in your personal life that seem off, Take Heed! You might be in some stage of NarcStalking.

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