Scam Incubators

Scam Incubators

Startup Incubators have long been a source of early start support for new and growing businesses. The sense of community forges new friendships through the environment of creativity and ideas. This same environment is also a great place for Cons to hide. Especially Organized Narcissists. The ease of employment to work at many Incubators is the first draw. This is pivotal to run the scam and to be able to hire those that can help them. But the main attraction? The Money! The other attraction? The ability to create short term fronts and have a place for new recruits to hangout to establish their identities. Fortunately I’m going to give you the down low on what this charity for scammers scam looks like!


This is How it works:Money is supplied by supposed legit foundations and other sponsors.

Helping you help the community
Apply and submit your great idea

Money? Goes to the Scam group. You see the other folks who apply are not the avg citizen off the street. They will always win the prizes.

When the “applicants” don’t have time to come up with ideas and write ups to present, the “Incubator” extends the application period so more cons can come up with ideas to apply.

The money won is used to support the groups other Scam operations such as the fake startup or people laundering “companies” Usually with no more that 2 or 3 people. It’s also an interesting way to launder the money they have by covering up with prize income.

When the annual prize comes around again the same technique is applied and another member of the group wins and adds to the pot.

They use the Crowd Technique. Stuff the Box etc. If enough of the Scammers Apply they will drown out the legitimate applicants and by shear math can control the odds Or Case in point you will never win.

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