HOW Narcissistic GangStalkers Validate You

How Narcissistic GangStalkers Validate You

At some point when one wakes up and realizes as they see the turn around cars, the out the blue very angry attitudinal strangers, the weird nothing missing breakins, That YOU might a victim of GangStalking. Ugh Hum.. or you’re already riding the V2K Acoustics train. Whatever your pain, you must realize that if you weren’t that important they wouldn’t be on you sooo much. Think about it. I personally know how some NarcStalkers will drive following you 3 hours and 5 counties away just to make sure you don’t leave their sight. This type of behaviour validates your importance. Just think you fulfill all five of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If they aren’t getting their needs through you, they are getting any/all those needs by GangStalking you. Without you they are nothing. That’s how they validate you.

Remember there’s no one more powerful a motivator in their lives than you. Enjoy the thought, marinate on it. Realize it. Then fight.

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