The Story of Agent Broke

The Story of Agent Broke

That’s the problem. It ain’t no story. They broke. Its the same ole Con, Narcs come into town, that is if they weren’t inactive down the street straining for a target. Now they got one and off they go. They’ve already glossed and tainted themselves by hanging out, living next door to a Sister, Daughter, Cousin of possibly a real agent. Whatever.. we soon discover that the thing they cannot DO is be on the go. Move around?  Well…Well…Well!  You know what that means for the target. Yep.. That means they can’t go nowhere.

Why? International intrigue, travel.. the on the go. Nope. That takes money. They broke. So to keep the target from running around, they gotta be broke too. That’s what it’s all about. Now… I’ll sweet talk. I’ll call it destabilization… Isolation.. Containment. They’ve accessed their target and now is able to maintain. Locally. Possibly in a Broke neighborhood and if not, it’s on it’s way towards the plight program. It ain’t always about the target it’s about what some of these folks are trying to look like. Locally they can maintain your communications but aye you ain’t on the phone much. They can follow you around… Town ain’t that big. Pay broke people to follow you and spread some cheddar at the grocery store. That’s called a operation.

Now you take Trains.. Planes.. Automobiles.. A Dollar rental and a Groupon Vacation. Well… That’s a Three Agency Collaboration. That takes money. The Thugs have to be back before their shift starts at the Bojangles this Wednesday and if not They gotta look like they’re working at Mikes Auto Shop even if they don’t work there at all. So they gotta pay em. What.. Pay em with Money! Now you would ask yourself, why wouldn’t Agent Broke save themselves a dime and not pay Agent Bojangles?
Because Agent Broke might be saying he’s Agent Bojangles and paying him. Ahhh.. I’ll let you sit on that… While you continue to read this blog to figure out what the fuck it’s all about.

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