GangStalkers and Their Idiotic Antics Drive Me Crazy

Some people who arrive to the site by clicking on a Vague ConsUncovered post without prior knowledge of the topic are folks who suddenly realize they’re caught up in a middle of a conversation. A conversation or rant for an audience of individuals who are currently caught up in the situation of GangStalking. That being a Targeted Individual who is being harassed by a group of people for various unknown reasons that might be specific to them. Or it’s someone who has experienced and seen enough to keyword and search for information on the web that explains such. Hopefully they might run into ConsUncovered.

This is the site where someone like myself or others, mostly ME. RANT AND RAVE about the stupid things that GangStalkers/NarcStalkers do to harass myself and others. At times I may go off in a ramble about things I personally have encountered and the people who are involved. I Pick and Point because that’s what the GangStalkers enjoy doing. Bragging about having a hand in your failures or problems you didn’t know they helped you out with, while sharing the business aspects of sabotaging people and the environment around them. But the picking for me is more fun because it’s true. I don’t have to generate situations, behaviours, people, stories or have a hand in doing so. All I have to do is stick to the reality of their ineptness. So my ramblings and posts in general might be about the following:

WHO– Gangstalkers can be anyone in your area that chooses this type of work which is stalking and harassing people for a living.

THE TECHNOLOGY CLASSICS– Telephone Networking, Radar, Optics, Acoustics.

MEDICAL– All the things GangStalkers love to do to their targets and some of the issues the target might be dealing with.

BEHAVIOUR– The Oddities of the upbringing, training, operations of a GangStalker their Generationals (children) or their businesses.

HOW– Still learning ourselves. Whenever we find accurate information we tell you.

There you go. Now will you as a newbie find this post first to know what all the fuss is about before you click on some rambling vague one? Probably not! But during one of my sane moments I just thought I’ll explain and share. If this is the first post you’ve read… Welcome!