Snitch To FBI Supervisor


Now you know I don’t pay my taxes with iTunes cards, ahm because that scam got started after I was broke. And I don’t drive around listening to conversations reporting them back to the NSA. But to the Snitch that’s seeking an upward mobile promotion to Supervisor Snitch it could be their reality. Now the reality of SNITCH TO FBI SUPERVISOR I don’t know what that is. I don’t know if it’s a Liaison or some product of my paranoid delusions, which of course I’ve ALWAYS brought to YOUR attention!

What I can’t figure out, if you don’t have to go through the academy, can you be one if you’re just a contractor? Do they usually start their careers in middle or high school? Is that why they work you over by tryin to work themselves up? Why would they think they are police officers? Calling themselves that or NSA or FBI agents?

I”m still scratching my head at the 600 lb woman and the midget with heels. Now self reflection. Am I just a rude angry person with a chip on their shoulder because this is a opportunity that I can’t participate in? Being the special few that are selected for this type of employment. This is why I say such things. Mean things? Could be. If you believe that I believe that you believe that I do. Then it could be true.

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