ConsUncovered BOMBED!

It’s been a while BUT! It’s been interesting. The most interesting is that ConsUncovered has been getting Email bombed. Which in our case, is a daily deluge of nonsense comments from similar IP addresses always displaying the domains of hairstyle sites. It started with a recommended CBD oil to pet stuff, then flipped into a warning from Nickie Spafford “Have you ever had any problems with hackers?” If you Google any of the names mentioned, the Con bombers were very selective in choosing Ms Spafford. Was it random? I wonder if it had any meaning? Anyway just like that they stopped. The money either ran out or they have gained access to “whatever” they were trying to gain access to.

I’ll try to keep you updated on what this latest attack could have accomplished if it did or means for ConsUncovered. Now how was your day?

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