Snitch Zone

Stop! Before you put money down on that next house rental or cozy neighborhood apartment you might be moving into a Snitch zone. That favorite area where every Snitch in town and of course from out of town has to get a place or is already living there. So before you get caught up in the world of Snitches, find out what makes that world truly unique. You see, Snitch Zones house a number of things and opportunities such as:
Talk House Locations Snitch Pickup Drop Off Zones  
Snitch Report To Areas

Now this advice is great for EVERYONE but is most important to those folks who have just gotten into the Snitch world of being followed and you’re trying to avoid living in a major Snitch Work area. So how would you notice or how would you know you live in one? One good example is the Snitch Route. If you use the bus for transportation, it might be on a major one. This route is where Snitches ride the bus all day and try to get information on new riders or updated info on old ones. Once they set eyes on you they will talk you up and continue your business story line during the next bus ride. They will also pass you on to their co-workers. Some of those Snitches work for the Snitch Verification Department. They might show up to check on the information they got about you from the previous Snitch or they casually appear trying to look like regular riders to obtain more info. After a while you will notice where some Snitch/s gets off/on and how the same type of individuals are always coming from the same stop. If you are renting you might notice how individuals seems to open their front door every time you come home. You might also notice that the same trying to get into your business Bus Snitches are the same Snitches you end up seeing hanging around in your neighborhood which is an absolute true indicator that you live in a Snitch Zone. If you notice any of these signs in the area where you regularly visit friends and family or your job, absolutely DO NOT move into the area! It’s never easy avoiding aggressive Snitches trying to make a buck but you CAN avoid the problems of living in their work zone! By NOT living in one! So keep your head up or should I say down.. eyes open and Snitch Free!

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