Snitch Vs NarcStalker

Snitch vs NarcStalker

I’m sure you’ve heard me make fun of the Snitch. It is the bane of Reality. There is nothing far worse than a snitch for pay. For I would say people who are more street affluent, they out of anybody would know how snitches operate and what to look out for. When the organization that controls GangStalkers which is whomever it might be in your town, gets desperate, they use Snitches.

Some snitches think they’re working for the Police Man and they’re placed wherever you are to report back. Now rewind on this. They will show up after a couple of times or every now and then, then they stop coming. What happened? I guess they solved the case! Now if you leave and end up at another location..example Mo Mo’s Health Club. A couple of months – <Less Than a snitch is dispatched and they show up to inform you on how wonderful it is at the place you just left and how you should check it out. Ahm but why you here with me doing this, when you could be doing the same thing at the place you talkin about? Snitches don’t particular care if they sound like snitches, they’re JUST trying to make money. That means they need to get you back to the place you left. The reason why you left because there were too many Snitches! See the GangStalkers invested by infiltrating the place you left…ahhhhhh now you ain’t there. Their purpose for pay and payout is now gone!

When that don’t work, a couple of months flies >More Than… Dam a Narc crew arrives. They work out together and Ah Snap Dam! Someone Knows You! They Recognize you! and you ain’t never seen them in your F1 life but they recognize you because they hangout with yo neighbor.<Rolo the Neighborhood Perpetrator> Now I have to ingest the espoused story line how they were together when he died which is in contradiction to the wife’s story who is also on Snitch/GangStalking payroll. Because it ALWAYS has to be a STORY!  So I rolloff and do nights and leave the New Edition Crew for the day.

Now after my much needed Lithium ramble, if you are a TI (Targeted Individual) This is the unsuspecting street level of the GangStalker when they employ fixed snitches who aren’t the driving around broadcast kind. Now these snitches don’t consider themselves to be Stalkers just crew based snitches. The next level is when they send in Narcs who come in with their crew to engage and surround the Target. This type of crew do Snitch and Narc work such as Mic, Broadcast Driving Etc. This is why I can’t stand Snitches because Narc outsourcing is where the money is at, this is why more and more one starts running into a lot of suburban Snitches who enjoy snitching outside their territory.

Narc Snitches contribute to the pain and eventual deaths to a lot of people, so it ain’t all just snitching and storytelling. They aren’t preventing crime, they like snitching on people who do. The clueless think they are simply PoPo employed doing whatever strange off the wall things that don’t make law enforcement sense….. Which is a sure sign they’re under the employment of a GangStalking Organization. Does it matter? Nope! They just want to get paid snitching.


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