The Psychopathic Generational Narcissist Is Trained That Way

The Psychopathic Generational Narcissist Is Trained That Way

The first step to brainwashing is thine own home. Generational Psychopathic Narcissists are the every first examples of that style of training put to use. So Called GangStalkers, Role Players etc use the system of what I refer to as legitimize belief system. They start them off early by placing them in the sphere of the target. Training them on how to circle and interact. So far those methods are consistent and share two distinctive traits, which consists of The Engagement and the Indirect Proximity. The engager wants their kids to appear to be more sociable and friendly. The Indirect has a you don’t need to directly learn anything about the target. There can be NO conversation or interaction.


 This can be as easy as saying hello

Walking up and asking a question or starting a conversation. It does not have to make sense but will give you a clue on the IQ of the training.



Share the space but do not ever engage with the target at all.

Walk by, Stand near or circle.


The two methods warm and cold in some psychological and legal way mean either they met the target in some way and it’s not stalking or to the stalker kid, these aren’t persons you personally have anything to do with. Which takes you to the next phase of the Psychopathic for early training and why.


Child Targets– The Narcissistic Psychopathic is assigned to someone their own age or younger. Either in the beginning or when the Stalker parent ages older and hands them over full time after years of engagement and training.

Adult Targets– The stalker in training is introduced to the target directly or indirectly. Now days if the target works in a school setting, most likely it will be a teacher direct or another faculty or staff member indirect. They will be enrolled in the classroom as a student. This can be applied to summer camp, private music lessons, tutor etc. Once the target gets near retirement age, the older Narcissistic Psychopath is now a teenager or young adult out of school. Now they can follow the target around. Older targets are assumed to be easier because now the stalker can receive training on medical breakdowns, since the target is connected via their auditory and ocular signals. By this stage they have already gained a physical connection to the body as well. They will then proceed creating pre-selected medical conditions, which are now in the believable stage because certain conditions tend to occur in specific ages.

Since they start them off early as children by placing them with a target around their age range or later on an older one, the parents or authority figure will usually make claim that they are in law enforcement. They start indoctrinating them in a variety of known ways one can only do with a child.

EMPATHY– They did something wrong

PATHOLOGICAL LIARS– Working with law enforcement you can’t let them know what you are doing or even who you really are. Just repeat what we went over and don’t answer too many questions.

NO REMORSE-There might be things happening to the target and it’s because they did something wrong, or broke some type of law, investigation etc. So don’t feel sorry for them they deserve it.

IGNORE- If they share anything that happened or is happening to them that is inappropriate, they lie alot. You can’t believe anything they say anyway. They don’t understand what they’re looking at.

PARASITIC– Get To Know Them. They will start following the Target around without them knowing and as the Target grows and becomes harder to follow they will start becoming involved with the familiar gas lighting techniques if they are old enough or gotten to the point to implement them. In essence they are assigned to the target forever.

Generationals are much like the Cult members of the 70’s.

Isolated.. surrounded only by fellow believers

Cut off from real people to keep from seeing the damage they are causing.

Taking their information early on from the folks in their life they trust the most…. their family. They cannot think any other way other than the life. The standard deprogramming methods will have to be revised. Until then, only prison can contain the belief systems that they hold so dear.


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