Tap Tap The Tapper

Tap Tap Tapper

She taps, hits, flicks incessantly always tapping that artery to get that blood to flow where it shouldn’t. She enjoys manufacturing conditions to drip fluid to make those wonderful arm pockets, butt stomachs and ass side humps you’ve grown accustomed to seeing so much these days during the past two decades and some change. But to V2K (Voice To Skull) TI victims, she’s also known as the electronic pulser. The torturer that will spend hours zapping and pricking.

The Tapper is one of the not really known causes for fluid obesity in America. What is fluid obesity? It’s the appearance of fat that is caused by edema. Fluid that is manufactured by leaking capillaries and other unnatural causes. The dangerous thing about the The Tapper other than control of your body, is that they’re either hoping for an arterial clog, damage to organs or to various areas of the brain because of a lack of or backup of blood flow amongst other things. Think Stroke, heart attack, or that brain damage reality that we all strive for when the tapper isn’t I67. 1 around helping us.

How Do We Catch a Tapper?

  • ICD10 Categorize the conditions of death and location
  • Hospital stats of people who are alive living with tapper conditions
  • Geocode the victims locations and their relationships to pinpoint the talk house.

Inside that talk house is where The Tapper is located. Find them and the tapping stops!

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