Crazy Driving GangStalkers

Narcs love to drive. Defensive Driving, Driving in groups driving fast. They love cars, motorcycles, bikes and they love to drive all crazy. Hell it ain’t even bout the targets. It’s the Fast and Furious dream! The targets for some, are the excuse to train to drive! Like I told you these folks ain’t SuperNovas. You probably learned that through all those education scandals. Now you know what some of those kids are doing.

You got Midgets in wigs driving Armadas, You got Hoodrats in Fords Bobbing and weaving. You got folks driving so far up your ass so they won’t loose you. Oh yeah! You got girl driving beside you tryin to keep up with the pace of your car while she barely keeps an eye on the car in front of her!

Man I have even seen it all! and these knuckle heads don’t even know they’re part of Internet Lore. They’re just people trying to live a dream and make some money. A lot of em don’t know what they’re contributing to. A lot of em might have been told they have to shadow you or protect you in some type of way. Others might have been told that you are knowingly a part of some training exercise. It depends on what lie is told and by whom. Their brains might not be mirrors for the sun, but they sure can drive!

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