Relationship Fraud That Lead To Other Types of Fraud

Relationship Fraud That Leads To Other Types of Fraud

Relationship Fraud-These relationships are not always romantic in nature but can also be categorized as friend fraud. It’s phishing except over a period of time its’ purpose crosses and interchanges with a myriad of frauds. The Con is paid to acquire information and in some cases has to prove it’s acquired naturally. This is when the Con gets to know the person over a period of months or years deriving their info that way.


Easy. The Con can gain access to the Target’s environment such as home, friends and family members to acquire all sorts of info.

A. Identity Theft– The info acquired through the relationship can be used for Identity theft. Personal Images, family knowledge. This leads to other types of fraud.

B. Persona Fraud– When they become an aspect of you in a last name with a different one or a different name altogether casually mentioning common details or attributes in conversation about your family, background, friends, work, as their own.

Another variation of this fraud is when the Fraudster works in conjunction with someone else. That person conversates and keeps mentioning persona details and whereabouts about the person after they leave. With some Cons, they always leave someone behind to solidify their identity to others who might ask about them and to those they did something dirty to, who might use the information received to track them down.

Relationship frauds can be longitudinal and passed on to the Con’s relatives or handed off to the next Con or can be ran concurrently (surrounding the target) which can attribute to Identity theft or Persona Fraud.

Assumption Fraud-Operates on assumptions of those around you.

Example:Standing in front/beside the mailbox in front of the home for the mailman to arrive. Hoping that the mailman will operate on the assumption that they are the owner of the mailbox and they hand them the mail instead of putting it in the box.
This happens quite often and a lot of postal workers fall for it. The Con doesn’t feel like they’re a Con, since they didn’t go into the mailbox themselves and received it directly in their hand. The Postal worker starts seeing the nonchalant Con often enough and they start to think they’re the owner.

Assumption Fraud Variation 2

When the new owner of a home leaves, Cons starts placing their child cons in training on the property to play or walk around. To working neighbors who might not know the owner well or at all, They start to assume those are friends or kids of the owner of the property. Narcs use roaming kids, live near by or work with other Cons who live in the neighborhood to “establish” They might have the kids approach you in the yard to talk to you as if you know them. Little did you know they were hanging around your property when you weren’t there. So if you did have a “breakin” it’s unfortunate because it must have happened when your “good friends” were away.

Acquaintance Fraud– Is a well known Narc Specialty. This could be strangers you just met, Neighbors, Teachers, Coworkers, People In your environment that YOU don’t know well or at all AND OR not even in your domain much.  They will use this type of relationship to acquire any type of information to distribute for any negative purpose immediately or down the road. They will claim that they are either over familiar or that they know you enough to have an in depth conversation with others. They also use the compile technique, in which each Narc involved will report the information to one main individual. They then will use all that information to build a story of familiarity as if they were always around the target to know what they know even if they weren’t. If you find yourself getting into a lot of legal troubles this is the most dangerous. It’s their Snitch method! Narcs will use this procedure to make false statements wrapped around what appears to be situational truthful.

Just remember Narcs don’t value building time into a relationship. They are the ADD of Cons. So if you’re in a relationship, take your time! Get to know the individual before telling them too much detail about your friends, family or yourself. If they’re really interested in YOU! They will take the time to invest in getting to know you. Cons will use any relationship to get to their target even if that target isn’t you. Remember, this point of view is for your loved ones protection as well as your own.

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